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Working software…

The second value listed in the Agile Manifesto is:

Woking software over comprehensive documentation

Notice the use of the word "comprehensive" above. The authors are not saying don't do any documentation at all. They are not even saying not to do comprehensive documentation. I think they are saying that where you have a choice of activities...

Responding to change over following a plan

This is the 4th set of values from the Agile Manifesto. Responding to change is a pretty good definition of "Agile". Most Project Managers will be used to following a plan, whether they use Prince2, adhere to the PMBOK or any other framework, it generally comes down to planning the project from start to...


I never liked the word Artifact and in the UK we are more used to the concept of Deliverables, but is a burndown chart a deliverable? Not to my mind, so let's stick with the Scrum terminology. An artifact in Scrum is one of the following:


There are officially only 3 roles in Scrum:
  • The Product Owner
  • The Scum Master
  • And The Team

The Product Owner (PO)

This role is a mixture of the traditional roles of the Project Manager, Product Manager and the Customer. As far as the Team is concerned, the PO is the single voice of the...

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